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Connecting to most cloud platforms is automatic; you only need to inform us of your system, and we'll take care of the rest. For older systems, we offer free connector software to help establish a connection.

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Connector software

We provide free connector software so older on-premise PBX's can be connected.

No need to mess around with network config or firewalls, our connector will send the data to your instance securely using a proxy once we know the PBX connection details!

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Connector box

If you want a plug-and-play option, use our connector box to send us your data securely.

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Immediate visibility of call data

Transform your raw CDR data into clear and understandable call records. Quickly search for any call and make accurate, informed business decisions using our clear and concise reports and display boards.

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Receive instant alerts for missed calls, unusual call activity, line capacity, or any other relevant call activity.

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